Cognitive grammar approach

Why is grammar important?. The best way to learn Spanish grammar is through the cognitive approach

Hi everyone and welcome to the blog con el que nunca te acostarás sin aprender una cosa más. Today I want to talk about grammar and the cognitive grammar approach as…….

Want it or not, grammar is part of any language and whenever or whatever We talk We are making use of grammar.  So, If You are looking for an easy and functional way to learn Spanish gramar, I can tell You this way is through the cognitive grammar approach.

When We want to communicate something and convey meaning orally, We would never speak the words at random, but according to the form of the language We are using. For example: If You see a burglar breaking into a house, You will probably want to call the police as soon as possible, won´t You? And surely, You would never say:

“Morning, is that the police Good?” like a report I Would to burglar house is breaking into at 4th James Street”.

Just imagine!, I suppose the police officer in an astonished face would probably tell You:

“Excuse me, but this is not the Psychiatric ward!!”.

As You can see all the words needed to report the fact are already there, but They are not working efficiently to communicate understandably.
I think this example let us realise that grammar is an unavoidable part of any language We have to learn if We pretend to communicate adequately. I know that many students shake and shiver when hearing the word “grammar” but  I can tell you that if you learn it through the cognitive approach, your shakes and shiverings will stop.

Therefore, don´t forget that when:

WE COMMUNICATE MEANING (information) = WE COMMUNICATE GRAMMAR(form of the language)





As you can see meaning and form (grammar) go hand in hand regarding effective communication and the best way to learn Spanish grammar is through the cognitive approach since it presents it in a logical, easy and understandable way. So, why don´t you give it a try and book a sample lesson with dream2languges?